Legacy Assurance Plan is the exclusive provider for a nationwide estate planning service program. Through this program, we provide services aimed at helping our members achieve their estate planning goals.


We are a growing organization who embraces the entrepreneurial spirit. If you are a self-motivated, results-driven individual looking for an opportunity where you can be individually recognized for your talents as a sales professional, call and speak with one of our recruiters or apply today!


Members enrolled in this plan get access to a vast network of qualified, experienced estate planning attorneys. Through this attorney, they also have access to a menu of estate planning documents, which might be necsessary to help them achieve their estate planning goals. Finally, once their estate plan has been designed and implemented, we provide a lifetime of benefits and services designed to help them maintain their estate plan over time. This ensures that the plan stays current with life events and ultimately delivers the intended result.

While virtually anyone can enroll in this program, our niche is the post-retirement market, people ages 60-80. While many people at this stage of life realize they need some type of estate plan, most generally procrastinate about getting it done. They either don't want to face the possible reality of things like incapacity or their own death, even though intellectually they know they should, or they simply don't know where to begin. Either way, estate planning is important and isn't something that should be ignored.

Not only do we educate our members about their various estate planning options and the advantages or disadvantages of each of these options, we also provide them with the nescessary resources to get started and even facilitate the process for them, from start to finish.

In the end, our members have a well-designed estate plan, tailored to meet their individual needs, goals and objectives along with a trusted partner who will be there to help in the case of a life-event or other related matter. They will have also established a clear and efficient plan of action for their family and loved ones in the event of their incapacity or death and alleviated much of the cost, delay and hassle, which may have otherwise impacted their family.


Our company provides a service aimed at helping our customers achieve their estate planning goals, by making the process both simple and affordable.

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Our business is unique within the marketplace and offers an experienced Outside Sales Professional an excellent career opportunity

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As a LAP representative there are certian skills and tools that are essential in order to become a successful member of our estate planning team.

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Our company provides a service aimed at helping our customers achieve their estate planning goals, by making theprocess both simple and affordable.

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