You are selling various benefits and services of an Estate Planning Service Program through a membership enrollment process.

  1. Access to a qualified estate planning attorney.
  2. Any and all estate planning documents necessary to help the member acheive their estate planning goals and objectives as recommended by their attorney.
  3. A lifetime of benefits and services designed to keep their plan current once it has been implemented.

People ages 60-80 with an approximate net worth of $200,000 to $800,000

While a background in insurance or financial planning may prove beneficial, it is not nescessary. We provide a comprehensive training program that will provide you the knowlege necessary to succeed. However, some type of prior sales experience is necessary, preferably "in-home" sales.

No. Our program is considered a "service", not insurance, and therefore no license is required.

Training is comprised of a series of online video tutorials, followed by a two-day online webinar. Additionally in-field training may be provided depending on geographical location or availability.

Yes. The company uses a variety of different sources to generate leads for new representatives. There are web-info leads which are generated from traffic to our website as well as advertisements placed in your area. These leads are instantaneous, and you receive them the minute they submit they want further information or an in-home consultation. They can even ask for a quote on how much it would be to join Legacy. Based on availability, you may also have access to our matured lead data base. This database consists of leads which have been previously assigned to another representative but did not result in a sale. In some instances, these leads may never have been followed up or contacted but were received longer than 90 days ago. With each sale resulting from these leads or any other lead source, a mail drop or web campaign will be made, based on the volume and frequency of total sales. (For example, each lead card sale can trigger an 1500-2000-piece mailing). The more you sell, the more leads you will earn. There is no cap on the amount of leads that can be earned and there is no cost to the representative under this program, nor is there a cost for lead drops made based on sales.

Yes and No. As stated above, you will receive an initial advertisement in your area to generate web-info leads and have access to our mature lead database, if available in your area. This practice results in a $750.00 up front expense to the company for each new representative. We co-op $500.00 of that expense and ask that you co-op the remaining $250.00. Once you achieve your 5th enrollment with the company, the $250.00 is automatically refunded to you. In the net, your cost is $0. Thus, the yes and no. Aside from the refundable $250.00 co-op fee, there are no other expenses involved. This includes all other point-of-sale materials, presentation book, business cards, etc.

Yes. In fact, if you buy leads on your own, we'll actually co-op one-third of the actual cost through our Lead Partnership Program.

You are. We believe strongly in the philosophy that there is no better quality of appointment than one you have set for yourself. No one cares about your time or paycheck more than you. You should expect to spend approximately 8 to 10 hours per week on the phone setting appointments. This continual time comment to phone work is absolutely critical to your success in this business. Without it you will fail. If you have any phone reluctance, this position isn’t for you.

Not officially. However, we use a common sense rule; If you are selling, it simply doesn't make sense to hire someone in your back yard and dilute your opportunity to earn a living. Conversely, if you are not productive, then yes, we may hire someone to increase sales within your territory. Is there a formalized presentation? Yes. Our presentation can be used in the form of a f‌lip chart, laptop or mobile device such as an lPad.

Except for certain bonuses, which are paid monthly, all commissions are paid weekly. So if you make a sale this week (Monday-Sunday), you can expect to be paid on Friday of next week. All compensation is paid via Electronic Funds Transfer.

While we do not have a specif‌ic "sales quota", you will miss out on certain monthly bonuses, if you don't hit your monthly benchmark.

Yes. You are considered a 1099 Independant Contractor under our agreement.

Your income is completely dependent on your own sales ability and potential. Full time dedicated representatives can expect to earn between $65,000 and $100,000 Including bonuses.

No. Because you are an independent contractor, there are no traditional employee benefits provided with this position. However, being an independent contractor can offer you significant tax advantages. For example, you will be able to write off business mileage, home office and other related business expenses such as computer, phone, internet, etc.. In addition, you may be eligible to contribute to a simplified employee pension. This program allows you to write off up to 25% of your unused net income up to certain limits. Sometimes these tax benefits can significantly outweigh those offered by traditional employer/employee relationships.

Yes. Each year the top 10 producers and one "President's Pick", along with their guest earn a spot at our annual convention. Past convention destinations include Alaska, Spain, Mexico, Jamaica, the Caribbean to name a few.

Realistically, you can start within 1 to 3 weeks depending on our training schedule, however, this 'may’ affect how quickly your new leads are available to you.

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We are a growing organization who embraces the entrepreneurial spirit. If you are a self-motivated, results-driven individual looking for an opportunity where you can be individually recognized for your talents as a sales professional, call and speak with one of our recruiters or apply today!


Our company provides a service aimed at helping our customers achieve their estate planning goals, by making the process both simple and affordable.

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Our business is unique within the marketplace and offers an experienced Outside Sales Professional an excellent career opportunity

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As a LAP representative there are certian skills and tools that are essential in order to become a successful member of our estate planning team.

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Our company provides a service aimed at helping our customers achieve their estate planning goals, by making theprocess both simple and affordable.

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